eZ Cash Bot on Viber

Introducing the eZ Cash Bot on Viber. Just simply open your Viber app and search for the eZ Cash Bot to get started. With the Bot, you can perform a range of transactions. The services are made easier on account of the new customized user friendly journey. If you do not have an eZ Cash wallet, just register and open a new wallet via the eZ Cash Bot on Viber.

Services available on the Viber – eZ Cash Bot

  • Mobile Reloads/ Postpaid Bill Payments to Any Operator
  • Utility Payments
  • Institutional Payments/ Loan Repayments/ Insurance Payments
  • Add Frequently Used Numbers/ Accounts
  • Check the Mini Statement of Your eZ Cash Wallet Balance

and much more

One you download/ open the Viber app, the eZ Cash Bot is just a search away. This service is available for Dialog and Hutch customers.

Use the eZ Cash Bot and experience a unique e-money service through Viber. You can also explore eZ Cash’s extensive sticker pack via the Viber Sticker Market section and have a load of fun while chatting with your friends.

eZ Cash now on Viber - It’s simple and easy!


What is the Viber-bot?

The Viber-bot is a feature that allows users to search, interact and share content from within a conversation screen by tapping on the button in the Viber app. The Viber-eZ Cash bot will provide many services just like your eZ Cash app

What difference would it make if I use the Viber-bot without the app?

The same services will be provided similar to the eZ Cash App, the convenience of using eZ Cash services within the Viber app itself will be an added benefit for the customers.

Will the bot also have a specific wallet?

No, the customer’s normal eZ Cash wallet will be linked to the Viber-bot

Are the transactions in real-time and how do I know that my transaction was successful? Will I be receiving a confirmation SMS?

Yes, it is in real-time and you will receive the confirmation SMS from the eZ Cash system.

Can I share the stickers on other groups as well or do I need to purchase the sticker pack separately?

The eZ Cash stickers are free to download, and sharing among groups is possible

Are there any limits on top-ups and sending money like the eZ Cash app?

Yes, the existing eZ Cash transaction limits will be applicable on the Viber-bot as well.

Can I send money to non-eZ Cash users as well?

No, the recipient should be an eZ Cash wallet holder in order to receive money

Can I still pay my utility bills through the bot like how I used to through the app?

Yes, similar to the app all bill payments can be made through the Viber-bot.

How’s the pricing and limits?

Existing eZ Cash service charges will be applicable.

Can a Hutch/Airtel customer register for this service?

Only Dialog customers can newly register through the eZ Cash viber bot but pre existing Hutch customers can login to the bot and perform transactions. Airtel customers cannot register for an eZ Cash Wallet.

Is there a 24/7 hotline or a help desk service?

Yes. You can dial 7111 from Dialog/Hutch number or email eZCash@dialog.lk

What happens if I mistakenly delete the Viber app?

Your wallet balance will remain the same and also no changes will take place without your permission