Gajaman Movie Tickets Give away

  • The promo is valid from 20th January 2023 – 8th of February 2023 only.
  • Minimum send money value should be Rs. 100/-.
  • Send money should be performed only through an eZ Cash Cx wallet via USSD or through the Genie app
  • An eZ Cash wallet can perform any number of send money transactions to be eligible for the promo.
  • After a successful send money transaction, the Cx should share his eZ Cash registered mobile number to eZ cash FB page via FB messenger.
  • Out of all eligible customers, 5 winners in total will be selected randomly and the winner selection will take place weekly. The winners will be notified vie FB, and by contacting in person.
  • Each winner will be rewarded with 2 movie tickets
    - Date : 11th Feb 2023
    - Movie : Gajaman
    - Movie Time belt : 2.00pm – 12.00am
    - Theatre : PVR Cinemas, One Galle Face Mall
  • This is a limited time offer and, DAP reserves the right to change promo mechanism, withdraw or close the promotion at any time during the promo period without providing any explanation to the participants. Decision of DAP regarding the promo related matters, queries and complaint shall be final. Any fraudulent found in the transactions /registrations during the promo period will not be eligible for any reward.