For the First time in Sri Lanka, InsureMe offers third party policies instantly at eZ Cash retailers

You can now walk into any eZ Cash retail outlet and purchase a 3rd party Motor Insurance cover via InsureMe. InsureMe offers you the option of purchasing your insurance policy conveniently and hassle-free. Policies offered by InsureMe are underwritten by top Sri Lankan insurance companies.

Provide following to the Merchant in order to purchase the 3rd Party Cover

  • NIC/driving license/passport
  • CR book/copy of CR book
  • Postal address
  • Financial Interest Deletion Note (if any)
  • Physical Cash
  • Step 1
    Provide Documents to the eZ Cash Merchant
  • >
  • Step 2
    Provide the vehicle details and contact numbers
  • >
  • Step 3
    Re-Confirm the vehicle details
  • >
  • Step 4
    Physical cash to be handed over to the Merchant
  • >
  • Step 5
    Receive Cover note via email
  • >
  • Step 6
    Get a printed Cover note from the Merchant

The customer will receive the payment receipt and insurance cover via SMS and e-mail as a confirmation of the payment.

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What is InsureMe and what is the new partnership with eZ Cash?

InsureMe is a dynamic and innovative insurance brokering company which offers customers the opportunity to compare insurance policies based on preferences such as policy benefits, terms, pricing and much more with the convenience of purchasing insurance policies online.

Do I need a 3rd party Insurance?

It is mandatory by law to possess at least a third-party insurance when using a vehicle on the road.

What is the insurance cover that I can obtain?

Ceylinco Insurance.

From where can I obtain third party insurance covers through InsureMe?

You can obtain InsureMe 3rd Party covers through any InsureMe Enabled eZ Cash merchant island wide.

How can I obtain third party insurance cover?

You need to provide the following to the eZ Cash Merchant in order to obtain a 3rd party cover

  • NIC/driving license/passport
  • CR book/copy of CR book
  • Postal address
  • Financial Interest Deletion Note (if any)
  • Physical Cash

You will receive an OTP to the personal mobile number that you have provided to get verified by InsureMe.

Do I need to have an eZ Cash account in order to purchase a 3rd party cover?

No, the customer doesn’t have to have an eZ Cash account to purchase an insurance cover. Any customer can come to the merchant store and perform the transaction by providing physical cash and the necessary documents.

How can I pay?

You can pay the amount assigned for selected policy as physical cash to the merchant.

What if the details on the cover note are wrong, can I get it corrected?

If customer needs to any amendments to the cover note due to invalid details entered, Customer has to contact via hotline number (0117 117117) to full fill the amendments & get a cover note regenerated an emailed to customer's email.

Do I get a proof of cover/ cover note?

Request merchant to provide a printout. If the merchant has a printer at his location, then he will make arrangements to provide a printout.
However, you will get the temporary cover note to your email address / SMS instantly.
You can produce this cover note to law enforcements authorities if requested.
Furthermore, you will receive original policy document to your correspondence address within 3 working days.

How long will my cover note be valid for?

The cover note will be valid for a period of 30 days from the day of purchase.

Can I cancel a policy and get a refund?

Once the payment is done and Cover note is generated customer cannot cancel the policy or request for a refund.

How long will it take to get the Insurance card posted to me?

It would take around 7 working days to get the physical card delivered to the customer. It is a responsibility of respective insurance company that issued the cover note.