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eZ Bro

eZ bro is the newest programme introduced by Dialog eZ Cash for those who wish to be self-employed and run eZ Cash related businesses within designated institutions, in order to earn extra money. If you are employed, running your own business or even reading for your bachelors / master’s degree, this opportunity will allow you to engage with one of Sri Lanka’s leading brands while empowering you to generate an income for yourself!

How it works

  • Call the Retailer Hotline on 0777456456 OR
    Drop us an email on OR
    Fill the below form with the relevant information. Click here to access the form
    - Name
    - Mobile No
    - Address
    - District
    - ID No
    - Institution
  • Your inquiry will be forwarded, with the given information, to the respective Regional Manager/Regional Sales Coordinator
  • The Regional Manager/Regional Sales Coordinator will then follow up and onboard you into the program as per the set guidelines
  • You will receive the available literature and knowledge about the programme
  • Establish a relationship and top-up your eZ bro Wallet through the respective distributor / eDSR or via a Self-top-up which can be arranged through Online / Mobile Banking. (CEFT) – More details below.

The eZ bro onboarding process

  • One of our staff members will get in touch with you and will pay you a visit in order to verify your address and the other information provided.
  • During this visit, our sales representatives will also provide you further details and brief you on eZ bro activities.
  • Once your eZ bro Wallet is created, you will receive a SMS and a dummy password in order to confirm your registration.


To the eZ bro (The Social Seller)

  • Earn an income/ utilize this as a secondary income source
  • Get started without substantial investment (such as: renting a physical location to start a business). Your investment will only be to top-up your eZ bro wallet.
  • Improve social connections, social figure and status
  • Become a social ambassador of Dialog Axiata PLC, a leading company in Sri Lanka
  • Distinctive branded materials at sign up

To the Customer

  • Quick and convenient recharge
  • Less concern regarding sharing numbers with merchants


How to login to the eZbro Wallet?
You can download the eZ Cash Merchant App from the Google Play Store. You can login to the eZ bro Wallet by providing your mobile number as the User ID and the generated PIN as the password

How to Top-up my eZ Bro Wallet?
You need to top-up your eZ Bro Wallet to get started.
You have number of options to do this.

  • Top-up via online banking – You can instantly top-up your eZ bro Wallet via Online / Mobile banking through a CEFT transfer. Click here for more information
  • Top-up from eZ Cash Merchants – You can top up your wallet from over 25,000 eZ Cash Retailers stationed across the island.
  • Top-up from any Dialog outlet/ branch – You can hand over cash and get your wallet topped-up with eZ Cash
  • Top-up from visiting Sales Representative – You can hand over cash and get your wallet topped-up with eZ Cash during the visit from the Sales Representative


We run number of promotions time to time to encourage you to do more transactions and earn more money. Click here to view the latest promotions