Foreign Remittances Direct to Your Mobile via eZ Cash

For the first time in Sri Lanka eZ Cash introduces a new and an easy way to instantly receive foreign remittances directly to your mobile from a large network of foreign money transfer agencies across the world via eZ Cash.

Customers can walk to any of the 25,000 eZ Cash outlets across the island and withdraw their remittances conveniently.


  • eZ Cash Remittances, is an online real time service that offers the easiest way to instantly receive foreign remittances directly to your mobile.
  • Customers use these funds to multiple eZ Cash transactions such as pay bills, make utility payments, send money, etc.


  • Sender needs to visit any of the below mentioned partner web merchants abroad and provide the recipient's (eZ Cash customer′s) wallet number
  • eZ Cash customer would be notified via an SMS instantly informing that he/she has received the money.

Limits Applicable for Inward Remittances

eZ Cash Account Category Minimum Limit Per Transaction / Per day (Rs.) Maximum Limit Per Transaction / Per day (Rs.)
Classic Account N/A 50,000
Power Account N/A up t0 150,000


Introducing Payoneer, where you can receive payments for your freelance work directly to your eZ Cash account instantly.

How to link the payoneer account with eZ Cash

Via web
Please visit -

How to transfer money from your Payoneer Account to your
eZ Cash account


  1. Dial #111#
  2. Select Foreign Remittances
  3. Select Payoneer Withdrawal
  4. Enter amount in USD
  5. Enter eZ Cash PIN to confirm the money transfer
  6. SMS receipt on transaction completion


  • Convenient
  • Instant
  • 600+ Commercial Bank outlets allow you to withdraw cash anytime, anywhere 24/7



Get Foreign Remittances directly to the eZ Cash account on your mobile via UAE Exchange.

You can receive money from the United Arab Emirates via UAE Exchange direct to your eZ Cash account and use it to pay utility bills, transfer money and pay for a wide range of goods and services.
You will receive an SMS once the money has been sent from overseas to your eZ Cash account.
Withdraw your money from any of the 25,000+ eZ Cash outlets or Commercial Bank ATMs island wide.



UAE Exchange allows you to send money to your loved ones instantly and conveniently back home.

How to send via UAE Exchange

  1. Walk in to any UAE Exchange outlet
  2. Enter recipient′s eZ Cash account number and amount
  3. Receiver will get money to the eZ Cash account immediately.

Benefits sending via UAE Exchange

  • Convenient
  • Fast- receive money instantly to your eZ Cash account
  • Low cost
  • Countries – available from United Arab Emirates
  • 600+ Commercial Bank ATMs located islandwide and open 24/7 allows you to withdraw money anywhere, anytime.


Instant low cost money transfer to Sri Lanka with NETELLER and eZ Cash with 2 options to choose from,

  • Send money direct to Sri Lanka

    Send money directly to an eZ Cash mobile wallet in Sri Lanka from your NETELLER account. All you need is the name and mobile number of the person you are sending funds to.∗

  • Withdraw from your NETELLER account in Sri Lanka

    You can withdraw money received to your NETELLER account directly from your eZ Cash mobile wallet in Sri Lanka.

The person receiving the funds needs to have an eZ Cash mobile wallet.

Funds sent to an eZ Cash mobile wallet are received in Sri Lankan rupees and can be withdrawn in cash at thousands of local agents in Sri Lanka.

How to receive money?

  1. Log into and create your Account
  2. Select Money Transfer - Login and select the Money Transfer option
  3. Enter recipient details - First name, last name and mobile number
  4. Confirm and send - The recipient will receive confirmation

Benefits of sending money to Sri Lanka with NETELLER

  • Instant transfer including an SMS message confirmation of transaction and the new balance
  • Immediate cash out with thousands of local agents and 600+ Commercial bank ATM′s available 7 days a week


Skrill ???????? ??? ????? eZ Cash ????? ?????? ????? ???? ??????

Posted by eZ Cash on Saturday, March 12, 2016

eZ Cash has now partnered with Skrill to provide an array of services such as,

  • Withdraw money you receive for freelance work from your Skrill account into your eZ Cash wallet
  • Receive money from 200+ countries in the form eZ Cash

Receive money from 200+ countries via Skrill to your eZ Cash wallet

  1. Log into and select 'International Money Transfers' and select 'Send Money Now' then select 'Sri Lanka'
  2. Select eZ Cash as the option
  3. Enter recipient details and then log into the account
  4. If you have sufficient balance in your Skrill account, then click ′Continue′ and double check transaction details and confirm
  5. Check Transaction details in ′All Transactions′
  6. The recipient will receive eZ Cash to his/her wallet

How to instantly transfer money from Account to eZ Cash Account?

  1. Log into and create your Account
  2. Visit the ′Mobile Wallets′ section
  3. Add your eZ Cash Mobile Number
  4. Go to ′Account Overview′ and Click ′Withdraw′
  5. Select the Mobile Number, enter the amount and confirm
  6. Your will receive the money to your eZ Cash Account instantly

Other Remittance Partners

Now you can receive money to your eZ Cash account instantly via TML, MoneyTrans, Barri, Dinex, Uber Remit, Lyca Mobile, Mama Money, Thunderbirds Ventures and MatchMove. Multiple partners across the world will allow you instantly send money to eZ Cash, either by visiting agent outlets or online.

Multiple Remittance Agents

Partner Merchants Abroad


How to receive through above listed online partners

  1. Login to either one of the mentioned partner sites
  2. Register as a customer
  3. Enter credit/ debit card details
  4. Select Sri Lanka > eZ Cash > enter eZ Cash mobile number
  5. Receive money to your eZ Cash account instantly.

Customers can also access this benefit from 600+ Commercial Bank ATMs located island wide, 24/7.

Terms & Conditions

  • You would receive money only in Rupees.(LKR)
  • eZ Cash remittance service is available for customers of Dialog & Hutch.
  • The maximum amount a customer could receive a day is Rs. 50,000 (classic wallet), up to Rs. 150,000 (Power wallet)
  • No minimum daily amount
  • Standard eZ Cash charges will be applied when the customer wants to withdraw the remitted money
  • No additional fee/charge for facilitating this service

For more information call 7111