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LANKAQR for Customers

Now eZ Cash Customers can purchase products using eZ Cash at any LANKAQR enabled merchant located island wide!

LANKAQR is a common QR now issued by eZ Cash/ Dialog which enables eZ Cash Customers to instantly perform Over-the-Counter (OTC) payments from their smartphones at any eZ Cash or LANKAQR merchant. This method will forego the use of a POS Machine and is simpler, convenient and a contact-free solution as it eliminates the need of handling physical cash!

eZ Cash Customers can simply scan the merchant’s LANKAQR code using the eZ Cash mobile app on their smartphone and instantly pay. The merchant will then seamlessly receive funds on to their eZ Cash Merchant Wallet. On completion of the transaction, both parties will receive a transaction confirmation SMS.

Once the transaction success SMS has been received, eZ Cash Customers can receive the goods/services from the merchant.


The eZ Cash Customer will not be charged any additional fee for using the LANKAQR service

Transaction Limits

eZ Cash Customers can process transactions based on the available balance in their wallet and up to their wallet limit at a time.

‘Classic Wallet’ Maximum Per-Transaction Value – Rs. 10,000

‘Power Wallet’ Maximum Per-Transaction Value – up to Rs. 150,000/=

How does it work?

A customer with an eZ Cash mobile app or Fintech/ Mobile Banking App can walk to any LANKAQR enabled shop/ outlet and scan the LANKAQR code sticker provided to the merchant. The customer will then receive an In-App transaction confirmation notification/ SMS confirmation for the successful transaction completion. Once the merchant receives the transaction successful SMS, they will provide the goods/ services to the customer.



Do I get charged for the payments made via LANKAQR?
No, the customers will not be charged anything extra for the payments made through LANKAQR.

How long would it take for the transaction to be successful?
The transactions will be processed in real-time.

Can I pay at other 3rd party LANKAQR retail locations (other than eZ Cash retailers)?
Yes, eZ Cash Customers can use the eZ Cash mobile app and scan at any 3rd party LANAKQR enabled merchant. i.e. FriMi/HNB Solo/ iPay/Upay etc.

Can I use my Credit Card/ Debit Card to make payments at an eZ Cash retailer?
eZ Cash does not facilitate Credit/Debit cards in the eZ Cash Mobile App.

What is the maximum transaction value which can be processed per transaction?
eZ Cash Customer Wallet – Wallet limit size Classic Wallet Customer – Rs. 10,000 maximum
Power Wallet Customer – up to Rs. 150,000 maximum

How does the reversal work in case I need a refund for a purchase made through LANKAQR?
If the payment was made to an eZ Cash Merchant Wallet– the eZ Cash Merchant will contact the Retailer Help Desk. The customer can also contact the eZ Cash hotline 7111 for any additional query.
If the payment was made through a 3rd party LANKAQR Merchant – Request that the customer contacts the hotline 7111

How long will the reversal process take?
eZ Cash Wallet to eZ Cash Merchant – 1-2 working days – SLA.
eZ Cash Wallet to 3rd party LANKAQR Merchant– 2-3 working days

What do I do if a transaction fails?
If the transaction is from an eZ Cash Customer Wallet– contact the eZ Cash hotline 7111
If the transaction is at a 3rd Party LANKAQR Merchant – Customer to contact the eZ Cash hotline 7111, also 3rd Party LANKAQR Merchants will inform the relevant support hotline.

What do I do if I get a QR scan failure through my App?
Any issue related to the eZ Cash app or the scanning of the LANKAQR code, you can contact the customer care hotline on 7111.